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        Home > About Us > R&D Team

        You Lian has its own R&D Team of members with overseas master degrees and undergraduate degrees and professional background of product mechanical structure design, processing, manufacturing,programming, material and processing technology, electrical engineering, engineering mechanics, automation and mechatronics. To provide high quality products and service is You Lian’s responsibility while concentrate on the research and innovation of integrated solutions.

        The numerical controlled tangential belt mule spinning machine and servo controlled tangential belt mule spinning machine were supported by Innovation program of China Ministry of Science and Technology and authenticated as High-tech products.

        In order to keep our technology leading in woolen industry, we have built a cooperative relationship with domestic universities and Siemens

        We hope to be the leader of the transformation and upgrading of China woolen industry by constant innovation and professional service.

        • Service :400-616-3535
        • Tel: +86 512 63365510
        • Fax:+86 512 63341238
        • Mail: Info@www.add-audio.com
        • Wechat:szylfg_public
        • Add:No.9, East KaiFa Rd, Wanping Community, Taihu New Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, China
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