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        Home > Product & Service > Core Advantages
        Core Advantage Use our core advantage to guarantee the development of woolen industry.
        • Strength

          30 years of woolen industry experience and tremendous research and design ability

        • Authority

          The only capable manufacture of all series spare parts for imported woolen spinning machine

        • Skill

          Capable of provide integrated solutions for woolen industry by our unique strategic position

        • Experience

          We have strong resource integration ability from years of experience

        • Reputation

          Our good reputation is from our cooperation with most woolen companies in China

        • Credit

          Our good cognition and reputation are based on the stable quality of our products.

        • Service :400-616-3535
        • Tel: +86 512 63365510
        • Fax:+86 512 63341238
        • Mail: Info@www.add-audio.com
        • Wechat:szylfg_public
        • Add:No.9, East KaiFa Rd, Wanping Community, Taihu New Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou, China
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